Saturday, April 4, 2009

App Review: Flight Control

After having the Flight Control app for a little over a week, and playing it just about everyday, I have decided that it was well worth every penny, especially since it's only $.099 for a limited time. The game is very simple, using your finger, you draw paths for incoming aircraft to their designated runways or landing zones. Your goal is to get as many aircraft to land without hitting each other. At first it is very easy, but as you get farther there are more aircraft to worry about, and it can get very chaotic. For people who like games involving micromanaging, and are good at multitasking, this is the game for you. The simple, easy to use interface, makes the game fun and addicting. It is one of those games that I keep telling myself "just one more time," but I never seem to put it down.

  • Fun, addictive game
  • Simple interface
  • Ability to Pause 
  • Records Statistics
  • Doesn't save current game if you leave the app or receive a call.
  • No global high scores

Overall Rating: 9/10

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