Friday, April 10, 2009

App Review: Rolando

I have had Rolando for a while now, and I love it. This game has to be one of best games, if not the best game, for the iPhone. With great visuals, easy to use mechanics, and very interactive gameplay, make it continuously entertaining. Each of the 34 levels seems to add a new aspect to the game, whether it be bomb dispensers, catapults, or new bad guides to avoid. The goal is to save the Rolandos by navigating them to the end of each level using the tilt, tap, and multitouch controls.
The game's first levels give you a good explanation of all the different Rolandos (normal, royalty and spikey) and how to guide them to safety, so there is little confusion on the way. Even after you complete all of the levels, you will still have a challenge. There are three bonuses to complete for each level: the gem bonus (collect all of the gems on the level), the time bonus (finish before time runs out), and the Rolando bonus (save all of the Rolandos). There is also a cool feature, called iSave, that saves our progress automatically if you get a call or exit the app and displays a badge on the icon telling you how many saved levels you have.

It is clear that the developers, Hand Circus and ngmoco, put a ton of time into the creation of this app, and it is well worth the $4.99 (it was worth the $9.99 when that was the price). And if you have any doubt about purchasing this app, try the lite version, which is now available for free in the App Store

  • Fun Gameplay
  • Easy-to-Use Mechanics
  • Awesome Visuals
  • Tons of Levels
  • Extremely Interactive


  • None (Some might say the price is too high, but i disagree)

Overall Rating: 10/10

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