Saturday, April 4, 2009

Coming Soon: Quickoffice for iPhone

Quickoffice, a mobile software for creating, editing, sharing, and viewing Microsoft Office documents, is set to be available in the App Store sometime this month. It will cost $19.99, a relatively high price for an iPhone App, but not too unreasonable if you compare it to other Microsoft Office software. I believe it will be well worth it for anyone who deals with lots of Office documents, whether it be for work or school. 

Quickoffice currently has an App called Quicksheets, which allows you to create and edit Excel spreadsheets among other things, available in the App Store for $12.99

Quickoffice for iPhone will include:

  • Quickword® - Create, View & Edit Microsoft® Word Document
  • Quicksheet® - Create, View & Edit Microsoft® Excel Spreadsheets
  • Quickoffice® Files - Provides rich features to transfer files between your computer and iPhone. Allows you to view many different file formats including PDF, iWork, PowerPoint and pictures

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