Friday, April 3, 2009

Case Review: Switcheasy Capsule Neo

Today I received the Switcheasy Capsule Neo case for my iPhone that I ordered 4 days ago. I have been researching cases for the past few weeks, and was finally able to make my decision. I immediately loved the look of this case when I first saw it online, but some of the things that I read in reviews made me hesitate to purchase it. I read that it scratched and broke easily. Because of this I sent an email to Switcheasy asking them about their return policy and they responded to me with the following:

"If you originally purchased your case from and you find our product don't live up to your expectations, you have the option for exchange or refund."

I took this to mean that if i was unsatisfied at all, including if it broke during use, I would be able to get a replacement or refund, so I purchased it. 

Upon receiving the package and opening it, I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging and all of the accessories that they included, including the video stand, screen protectors, and dock adaptor, as well as the power connection and headphone jack protectors, which I'll probably lose in a few days, though. 

The case wasn't as difficult to put on as I though it would be, but it did take some effort, especially with the 0.6mm ultra-thin membrane that goes under the other two pieces (they provide an extra membrane just in case you rip the first one in the process).

My first impression of the case is very good. I love the sleek look and the mixture of texture provided by the different pieces. I also like the affect that the membrane creates, because the buttons are covered, but still very easily accessible. There are only two negative things that I have noticed so far. First, the logo on the back sticks out, making the phone wobbly when lying on a flat surface, and, second, as I mentioned before, it is somewhat difficult to put on. These two aspects do not come anywhere near outweighing all of the positive ones though, and the only thing I am afraid of is it breaking or scratching. I will be back with an update soon to inform you of any changes in my opinion of this case.

  • Sleek appearance
  • Good protection
  • Lots of bonus accessories
  • Logo sticks out
  • Somewhat difficult to put on

Overall Rating: 9/10 

Here are some pictures that I took of the case: 


  1. just ordered one yesterday hope its awesome I have been on a search for the perfect case. I like that it covers all the buttons.

  2. not bad, but I prefer this stylish carbon case!

  3. I got a black CapsuleNeo and really like it's durability and sleek design. I didn't like that the raised dot on the back prevents it from lying flat face-up, but I find myself placing the phone face-down now, which may be better for screen safety, given my inherent tendency to break things.

    I got a white CapsuleNeo for my girlfriend's iPhone, and the case looks terrible. The clear Lexan piece looks cool, but teh white plastic back clip has quicly become gray and dirty with regular use and looks terrible. I tried to request a clear or black back clip and SwitchEasy told me they would only send a replacement white back clip.

    Recommendation: don't buy the white CapsuleNeo, unless they redesign the back clip.

  4. bought torrent version ... looks and feel was tough being UAE...but managed :)

  5. Was in love with the case for the first two or three weeks, but the finish on the back of the case is very short-lived. After two or three weeks, the finish began to peel off and by two months was mostly gone. Once it was mostly gone, it still looked alright, thought not as sleek, but during that whole two month period it looked terrible. I began picking it off to try and resurrect that sleek look.

    Don't recommend this, unfortunately. Just picked up their torrent which doesn't have that same finish. Looks good, feels sturdy.